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Stuffs, musings and opinion wrapped in the charismatic wordage and vernacular that (hopefully) gives insight and entertains.

No more computer time!

I have moved my focus away from computer-based hobbies, as much as possible over the years but limitations from serious accidents from my youth prevent me from following certain pursuits any more. That said, a lot of my hobbies using tech will at some point requires a computer. <he says building a new website!)

Satirical take on this!

Well, what a page to write… on one hand trying to keep at bay of thought that saying “no-one cares mate, why bother”; competing with the idea that it might be either cathartic or useful to someone… Likely it’ll be a total and utter waste of everyone’s time, everywhere!

I don’t have it in me to write anything too ‘traditional’ here… You can instead read my thoughts and musings on things and determine for yourself who I am or who I am to you.

ANYWAY… I am a 40 year old man who lives with his partner (de facto) Naia in Sydney Australia (in case you weren’t aware where Sydney is). I have no kids or any intention of having them, I will tolerate other people’s *stupid kids if I have to. With some initial genuine joy… But that joy will transform into boredom if you don’t intervene, which IS you job! I am only 10% joking!


Politics… (read if you dare!)

This is the quickest way to piss someone off is by not agreeing with them on; religion, politics, and ideology. That beiung said, this is who I am and you can be who you are.

I am an atheist, as defined by someone who has not have a reason to believe in any of the 100K gods proposed by people before we knew what the sun was!

If you can’t prove it, you’re job isn’t done yet… To keep this wrapped up short and sweet , the following will give you an idea of who I am (but just an idea, nuance changes everything)…

  • Take pride in my work, I learn from mistakes because of how bad I feel making them (I only made one!)
  • Work hard and finish the job properly
  • Help others (team mates, managers, juniors, other teams, whoever you can. Without sacrificing the quality of your own work
  • Pro science… Always take a scientific approach to science things
  • Pro vaccines (obvious but needs stating now a-days)
  • Global Climate is change is both real and supported by science & scientists and both by independently verifiable empirical evidence and hard data… It is a fact, a sad fact
  • Pro masks (where relevant and medically advisable)
  • Earth ain’t flat, empty or anything other than the result of accretion billions of years ago
  • Pro kindness and compassion (over your right to put me at risk)
  • Business is business! (Don’t take personally that which is not personal)
  • Pro logic and reason (apply logic to solve problems, even if a git feeling is telling you something, test it, prove it!)
  • Pro facts and fact checking… Make informed decisions
  • Data driven – Let the data tell you what is what, let it tell its story
  • Centralist-ish left wing bit with a mix of other stuff in their too!
  • BLM (no argument)
  • Gay marriage (you haver just as much right to be as unhappy as non-gay married people!)
  • “I do my own research” does not mean 2 moths on YouTube watching conformation bias
  • Be good to people even those you don’t know
  • Protect yourself from those who would exploit or mean you harm
  • Creative – Be creative, look for inspiration
  • Willing to change
  • Willing to be wrong
  • Hold hands up to mistake
  • Very loyal person and I expect it in return, once mutually earned


Artistic Endeavours

The massive inconvenience if your kids aside! I have and continue to pursue a range of creative endeavours. I have always liked drawing and making things eve since I was a kid, I got that from an artist mum and naval Aristech as loving parents.

Warhammer 40K (Tablketop Gaming & Modelling

Warhammer 40K is a game made by Games Workshop. It is an awesome dice and rule based table top game, but you can collect the models without playing. The models come in kits and need to be cut out, filed. glued, and painted… All which I love doing!

I collect mostly ‘Space Wolves’ which are a type of super human space marine with power armour! I enjoy the rules, lore, books, modelling, painting and ultimately playing in competitions or with friends.

3D Design & Animation

This combones my love of tehncial things and maths and science with pure creativity.I have drawn and animated various projects over the years. Primarily using Cinema 4D Adobe creative Cloud Suite and at points Maya.

My art is a product of technical and ability limitations but is expressive and fills a need to create and express in a truly unique way.

Martial Arts

Since incurring aa serious and worsening injury a motorcycle accident in mu mid-twenties; I have had oi ton this down to a halt now. For almost 3 decides I studied and regularly practiced a range of marital arts and self defence.

I taught classes and specialised in woman self defence classes and was at a high level in theilds I studied:

  • Judo
  • Wing Chun
  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
  • Boxing
  • Mui Thai

Music Production

I have produced around 30 tracks in various genres at an armature level. Mostly electronic and entirely produced on a computer or attached tech. I have no natural musical agility or desire for one! You can listen to my music on my Facebook page this is not complete or up to date!)

Drawing (Pencil – Graphite)

Something I have take more seriously recently with time being the biggest limiting factor. I love drawing and learning the techniques. Four hours drawling can be like for four hours of meditations. I have put one of my better examples of an eye below:

Other Activities

Here are some other things I have either done a lot of, do a lot of, or used do to a lot of.

Films & TV

I am a huge fan if film and TV, I have often considered doing some kind of ‘Alec Reviews Films’ YouTube channel but I don’t have the time. I love almost all genres.


I need to got into nature regularly to reset and clear my head. I love camping, hikes, picnics and and the beach. Getting into nature feeds an aspect of me that I need to feel whole… I just don’t want to live in it!


I go to the gym very lunch break and sometimes in the evenings. I take it seriously and am aiming for better health and a rocking body in the next year. Nutrition, calories, carbs and protein are very well know daily quantities for me.


I read mostly blogs and online media daily to keep up with work related things. Blogs, news sites, etc from my favourites depending on the category. When it comes to books I love comedy above all (except the book Kpax).

Other activities which I used to do a lot more than now… Just being honest!


I am a huge fan of films of most mainstream genres with some less main stream. I subscribe to Stan, Netflix, Disney and HBO and YouTube films. I find them very relaxing. I have also thought of making a film review channel.

Card Magic / Close Up Magic

Something I still practice from time to tome I have been a proficient card magician. having studied the classics and practiced for years, my wrist injury is now causing Issues. But I do love picking up a Bicycle deck of cards and performing to people.

Racing Motorbikes

Something I used to do. Up until a few years go I had owned a bike since I was 4 years old! But an old injury now prevents me from riding them. This was a huge loss to my way of defining mysel20

Rock Climbing

something, I used to do a lot of, bot indoor and outdoor climbing all over the UK and Australia. A greet day out but you feel in your forearms the next day

Martial Arts

I have studies a range of martial arts over the years and througnoutly loved them. Everything from Judo as kid to Wing Chun and Brazillilan Jiu Jitsu as a young adult to middle age (on and off). I have a achieved 2 black belts in my time, but have also been to countless seminars of knife fighting, street combat, fighting multiple assailants and such like.

I have also dabbled in boxing and Mui Thai here and there. Unfortunately a wrist injury from racing motorbikes in my youth has put a end to this hobby.

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