Entrepreneur, innovator, Obsessive and unable to sit still!

I work in Digital Marketing at a Search Agency in Sydney (Check out my professional section for details). I have lived this career for over 13 years but I have a huge passion for a range of creative and expressive media.

I have lived in three countries and travelled to over 30, with a lot more on my bucket list. I love to immerse myself in new different environments and people.

Art is something I have taken seriously at varying levels over the years from 3d Design & animation to pencil drawings. I have produced music (who hasn’t) although the noise i produce while trying to sing has never been described as singing… Usefully people use words like “why is this happening to me”! or “make it stop”!

Relationship / Partner

I am in a mutually exclusive de-facto relationship with my partner Naia. We have been together for over 2 years and live in a two bedroom apartment in the Inner West of Sydney together happily. We hope to get a dog soon!


Since moving to Australia in 2013 I have made some amazing friends but with people moving, leaving and being locked down, it has become hard to see friends. Making more friends is an aim post the apocalypse!

Social Media

Because I live in Sydney but have a big group of friends in the UK and now around the world, I love Facebook to keep in touch with friends lives’. I tend to let me echo chamber reflect the images of dogs and satirical left wing comedy but don’t engage a huge amount with it.

Social Social

Naia and I get out for walks and small trips on rare occasions but all going out out has ceased recently. I am looking forward to attending the ‘Boom’ festival in Portugal next year as it was postponed this year.


Check out my personal page for more information on this ad I have / had a lot hobbies over the years.