Me suited aaaand booted Matching tie clip colour, belt buckle and watch for coordination!!!)… As much as I love comfy closes, alternative cyber punk and other styles… I do love a well tailored suit.

Soundbites & Insights

My passion and love of data drive my constant *yearning to grow and better myself professionally.

*I’d also would like a Lamborghini


What Some People Say About Me







Inspiring Quote

“You cannot teach passion for something, you either have it or you don’t. Passion is what separates good from great.”

– Alec

13+ Year Veteran of the Digital Marketing Industry

Digital marketing expert passionate about delivering on business objective defined growth. Dedicated and experienced in leveraging data insights to inform both tactical & strategic decisions.

Main areas of expertise include paid media performance (specifically paid search, video, remarketing, display, paid social, & SEO). With over 13 years’ experience in campaign and cross channel strategy optimisation, brand marketing and communications. All of which has required advanced skills in both stakeholder & project management.

Both extensive agency-side, client-side experience, and considerable freelance & consulting work engendered a creative flair tempered by a data-heavy approach. Bringing strategic thinking, thought leadership, and innovation with an infectious passion for my work.

A long history of demonstrable ability to successfully build, manage, integrate with, and grow digital marketing teams of many sizes. My process and logically driven approach are moderated by the empathy and consideration for my team and their goals.

When team goals and customer focus – in terms of outcome and relationship – are aligned, success is almost a guarantee.



Innovative & Passionate Strategic Thinker

Its important to have a modest headline when talking about yourself in the third person!

You will find most of this on my CV which you can download a PDF version of by clicking the link like a champion… This is basically a just compromise of trying to get as much relevant stuff into as fewer a bullet points as possible! Rather than a revealing and meaningful insight into ones professional ability and acumen. If you want to see my LinkedIn profile, go ahead and click that link!

In this section below, I have elaborated on some of the work or experience that I have or am particularly proud of. I have also tried to show something of my approach to work and who I am.

As if a CV isn’t already a TLDR version of content, I have gone to lengths to ensure that this absolutely is!


Brief Career Summary

  • 7 Years of senior both management and leadership of digital marketing teams raging
    from 3 o 8 in number in-house staff.
  • 8+ years of working in 5 Digital Marketing Agencies / Media Groups ranging from 20- 35,000 employees
  • 3 Years in a client-side role (largest Aussie Financial Comparison Site)
  • 3 years of Senior (External) Consulting for Search & Data agencies
  • 1 year freelancing SEO & Paid Media for a small group of word-of-mouth clients
  • 3-years CEO and co-founder) of a Search SaaS tech start-up. Focusing on building Digital Marketing automation tools. Grew revenue to profitability.
  • Actively learning, working, and helping friends and colleagues in my time outside of work. I also regularly blog and vlog on many aspects of digital marketing having been published in many respected publications.


My Career History…


I have worked professionally in digital marketing since 2010, but my interest in SEO far pre-dated that. SEO (and now a range of other accumulated skills) have been a hobby of mine.

I also do a lot of different things and take Digital Marketing as whole rather than just set actions disciplines. That said, I am a fast learner and a a hard worker and when I am passionate about something, I make it my life.

I have done all aspects of SEO, Google Ads, Facebook, Analytics and LinkedIn for so long that these are my core skills. I know them like I Know my way to work. I have no favourite, in the same way a builder doesn’t have a favourite tool.

I constantly learn, test, trial and use new tools, platforms and channels every week to keep ahead of the game. Which is my my core skills are just as important in management roles as the ultra-technical knowledge.

My expert level knowledge of these disciplines gives me a unique view on the wonder strategy and how Digital can meet the needs of any client.

It is my hope heat the collection of historically collected, chronologically organised will demonstrate to you the qualities and value I bring.



My CV / Resume

If you are hungry for the full story and would like to see a detailed version of it with commentary, please indulge yourself by clicking the link to Alec’s CV / Resume.


Any Other Career History of Note..?

IT History

Before this I had a successful career in the IT Industry. Due to certain ‘need to know’ rules associated with the CTC Counter Terrorism Checks) and the Official Secrets act… Much of that will be omitted or adjusted.

I have not included that here for many reasons. One is that it is not going to qualify me for disqualify for a job of contract now! I may add this in later! In super summary I have always got on with computer, whether it using Excel as a kid, making games or understanding how they work… I worked my way to server and network engineer which I did for the military and police services.

My pay in the industry was very high and I took a huge pay cut to which careers, and never ever questioned it. Money isn’t everything… But it f**king helps!

My technical skills and natural ability with a computer had given me an edge when approaching this tech-centric industry; combined with my creative flair (see some of of my artwork and hobbies) give me unique insights, solutions and leadership talents.

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