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Once upon a time in a galaxy right here

Long before even thought of my SEO Tool or Raptor, my closest (and smartest) friend Dave was working as a Quantum Physicist in Germany and we talked regularly on the phone. Dave was making moves into data science and was building crawlers to collect data for, err, science. After me describing to him my ideas for an SEO tool that would effectively automate my work, which was based on … So began the very beginning of our joint venture together.

Dave had a natural talent for coding and had been writing programs for science stuff for years and wanted to move more into this.. I Saw Dave read a whole book on some type of coding in the morning and be doing in the afternoon. He often protests at the difficulty of things which to me are magical mythical impossible objectives… But I treat them like a walk in the park when talking to him. He loves that stuff!

I had for many year been writing guides to various aspects of Digital Marketing such as SEO, PPC, Social Media, Analytics, etc. I had one day hoped to purpose these for my own business and once we decided on a name “Raptor”, i had a purpose for them. This amounted to 250,000+ words of content and so after the boring stuff of contracts and financials, investors and such like; we built an ugly f**king website to house all my unedited content!

But over the years as the tool has grown into a wonder of technical brilliance, the content I built and grew upon, now attracts 10’s of thousands of visitors a month. A good percentage of the convert and this was our initial low budget high workload strategy. Build content, links, and and product worth using at the right price!

Dave and I own 50/50 of the shares not owned by other investors and have always been equal partners and equal friends.

The Early Years

It turns out manifesting, a plan 4-years in the making, into a comprehensive SEO tool that does what you want… is a little harder than we maybe gave it credit for! After the first year we had a working web crawler and about 120 SEO technical audit checks programmed in, the tool looked like a dogs dinner about the data was good.

But we didn’t have enough to launch a technical auditing tool. So like many start-ups we pivoted and released a basic cloud-based web crawler. Over the next 6 months we redesigned the tool, creating a new structure that allowed us to intergrade the checks we had waiting and ready.

I’m talking in layman’s terms here, paraphrasing if you will; Dave would be telling you about pythons and celery queues and load balancing virtual server instances that grow at thresholds and other malarkey!

Anyway… We redesigned the tool and in so doing produced something that was comparable aesthetically with competitors. In so doing we also started adding new features and options, checks, data, reports and entirely new auditing sections.

At this point we started getting paying customers and we covered our costs, which was a huge win for us.

Where Are At Now

Both Dave and I both have this pesky need for money and bacosides of covid we now work part time on Raptor. We have big plans in store in the coming months with huge new features, options and visual aids.

I and constantly promoting the business, making videos and writing content, but tying not to let it rule my life as it once has. One day it will be our retirement plan, but for now it is hard work and a lot of learning as you go.

Despite the time limitations we have now, we also have more money to invest into the business, and it is my hope that one day in the next 5 years it will be what I do. Even if I won the lottery I would run this business as I love the work.

Working with my friend has been an emotional roller-coaster for us both, but its brought us together and we have added something of value to the world!

Get ready for some big changes in early 2021! Here is a sneak peak at the new tool and site.

Features of the tool

Find out about some of the features of our suite of SEO tools below, or sign up for a 30-day trial (no credit cards required).


Web Crawling

Our advanced SEO web crawler is capable of crawling almost any site of any size. With Custom control over what and here you crawl you can analyse any area of your website. Crawl JavaScript websites and multi sub domain sites with ease.

Competitor Analysis

Review competitor sites, identify content gaps, and perform detailed SWOT analysis. Derive data driven insights to get a leg up on the competition, understand where their weaknesses are, and your strengths.

SEO Auditing

With over 200 SEO technical checks performed on a site you can look under the hood of any site to see what is happening. With easy to understand explanations of the problems and videos showing you how to fix them. It couldn’t be easier.

Affordable Prices

We have made our products as affordable to people as possible, especially small businesses and freelancers who can’t afford expensive tools. Which is why we are the more accessible of our competitors. Prices start from $29.99 USD per month.

Case Studies

One Egg

Use of Raptor’s SEO web crawler and auditing tool enabled us to quickly sand easily find a technical SEO issue that other Tools could not pick

FirstClick Consulting

Using regular website crawl data from Raptor meant the we could easily find what had changed. This insight saved us hours of research and got our client site indexed Again,


Raptor’s SEO Tools have helped me across multiple clients especially in SEO where we use Raptor to help with website migrations and identify technical or indexation problems before Google picks them up.”

– Edith Cheng

“I use Raptor’s web crawler to check client sites for technical problems. Often my clients are in competitive spaces, so being able to benchmark them against the competition easily is a great way to identify the biggest opportunities. Raptor is cost effective for consultants and highly efficient when working with large ecommerce sites. I couldn’t recommend them enough!”

– Oliver Ewbank

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